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Bonaire Travel::: Airlines & Airfares

Bonaire is serviced by a range of airlines that fly directly from Europe, The United States or South America. In addition to this are flights from Curacao and Aruba which can also serve as transfer points giving further options for entry.

The international airport is flamboyantly named 'Flamingo Airport' and the building complex has been aptly painted bright pink! The airport code is 'BON'.

Flamingo Airport 


Current Arrivals to Bonaire.
Current Depatures from Bonaire.

Departure Tax (PFC):

Change Effective October 1, 2010:  Starting October 1st, 2010, the PFC will be included in all tickets purchased for travel on or after October 1, 2010. The airport will provide a transition period in which the Airport Tax Booth will remain open for payment of PFC for passengers who do not yet have the tax included in their travel ticket. This transition period will end around the middle of January 2011 but will be extended to a later date if necessary. After this transition period, all travel tickets should include the PFC.

Airlines with Destinations:

Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Arkefly to Bonaire
American Airlines
Miami (USA) to Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)
American Airlines to Curacao
Bogota (Colombia) to Aruba or Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)
Avianca to Curacao/Aruba
Continental Airlines
Houston or Newark (USA) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Continental to Bonaire
Delta Airlines
Atlanta (USA) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Delta to Bonaire
Divi Divi Air
Curacao to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Divi Divi Air to Bonaire

Dutch Antilles Express
Curacao or Aruba to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Caracas or Valencia (Venezuela) to Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)

Dutch Antilles Express to Bonaire
Insel Air
Miami (USA) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Insel Air to Bonaire
Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Quito (Ecuador) to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
KLM to Bonaire
Tiara Air
Aruba to Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Tiara Air to Bonaire

Arkefly to Bonaire

Delta Airlines
Continental Airlines
Insel Air
American Airlines
South America/Bonaire
Dutch Antilles Express
Divi Divi Air
Dutch Antilles Express
Insel Air
Tiara Air
Dutch Antilles Express


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