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Bonaire Transport::: Do's and Don'ts

Make sure you know and understand traffic regulations, and abide by them; be aware of road conditions on Bonaire; roads can (especially in the rainy season) be very slippery and full of potholes. Maximum speed is 40 km/h on the bigger part of the island and on specific stretches 60 km/h is allowed. Priority rules differ from elsewhere. Be wary of drivers on Bonaire as many don’t have a drivers’ license or insurance. Also beware of meandering donkeys and goats!

Bonaire Transport:

Bonaire Car Rentals
Bonaire Scooters & Bikes
Bonaire Land & Water Taxis

Do not overload the car; the average pick-up truck carries about half a ton, which is as much as four grown-ups and their dive gear, or five grown-ups (the maximum capacity of most trucks) without dive gear; know that it takes longer to stop a fully loaded truck and drive accordingly.

Carrying passengers in the truck bed - although the rule is scarcely enforced - is formally forbidden. The renter is fully responsible for any accident caused by carrying passengers in the bed.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence), be it alcohol or any other substance that affects the abilities to control a car, is forbidden.

Off road driving is usually not allowed
, both because of reasons of wildlife preservation, sinking away in quick sand or causing damage to the car.

The park is often off limits for passenger cars; a National Park tour is normally only allowed with Pick Up trucks and Jeeps. Bring lots of water, and beware: your cell phone doesn’t work in the bigger part of the Park. In case of a break down, call Stinapa: 717 8444 or 788 9015.

Never lock your car whilst diving. Leave the windows rolled down, and NEVER leave valuables in the car. Be careful when parking close to the ocean. Do not wear wet diving suits whilst driving; it ruins the seats, the seat railing and the car floor!

Gasoline: There’s only one type of gasoline; use the yellow handle. Where to get it:
• Gas Ekspres, Kaya Neerlandia
• Mentor, Kaya Korona
• Lisa Gas, Kaya Industria
• Downtown Rincon

Do not overfill the tank; distances are short on Bonaire, and do not tempt gas thieves!

Flats can be repaired in a number of places. Among others:
• Max Cicilia, located next to the Gas Ekspres station; always very busy.
• At Bonaco at the traffic circle near there’s a repair shop
Ignore the signs on the side of the road pointing towards other tire repair shops.

Crime to summarise: never lock your car, do not leave valuables in the car, and do not fill up the tank all the way!

Bonaire Rent a Car

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