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Bonaire Local Tips::: The Golden Hour

We’ve always been one for sunsets. Bonaire Cactus For videographers and photographers, this is known as the golden hour; that time of day when everything turns a shade of pale orange. One of the best places to view a sunset on Bonaire is along the water front. Kralendijk, Bonaire’s largest town on the island is situated along the west coast with several restaurants lining the water all with outside dining to watch the setting sun. One of our favorites is Paradise Moon. Many locals hangout at City Cafe. Another favorite just off the water front is Mona Lisa’s, a quaint little restaurant with character that has been serving dinner guests for over ten years.

TurtleFor lunch we enjoy the local food at Rose Inn in Rincon or Miky’s Snack out by Lac Bai, two of Bonaire’s oldest eateries. A hearty bowl of goat stew and funchi often compliments our morning dive. By day our favorite shore dive is Angel City to the south and White Hole by boat on the east coast; two sites that always have something different to see. If we want to see Bonaire by land, we visit Goto Meer Lake. To get off the beaten path we spend the day out at Washington Slagbaai National Park. The park covers approximately one third of the island and with its remote location, there is always a scenic photo opportunity.

Bonaire literally means “good air” in Papiamentu. Constant trade winds from the east cool the island providing a relaxing dry tropical climate year round. Bonaire became a dive destination in the 70’s and now has world class wind surfing and kite surfing. Bonaire KiteboardingIt is a gateway for migratory birds and ocean fish. What attracts us to Bonaire is its natural beauty, warm waters, dry climate and friendly people. But if you’re open for a little side excursion while staying on Bonaire, try Seru Largo at sunset. We may even see you there.

By Michael LaFortune and Dianna Rybak -,

Banner image courtesy and copyright of Michael LaFortune.

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